*General Club Meetings Update*

It was decided during last Thursday’s [July 11, 2024] meeting that our meeting schedule and structure will be changed effective immediately. The general meetings will now be held on the FIRST Thursday of every month via ZOOM at 7:30pm¬†following the executive meeting and then the second Thursday of the month will remain an in-person gathering where we will meet at a different location each month for tire kicking and socializing.


You are visiting the West Coast British Motorcycle Owners Club (BMOC) website. Feel free to browse the calendar for upcoming events, read technical articles or plan to attend one of our regular club meetings.

The Westcoast British Motorcycle Owners Club (BMOC) was established in 1985 to preserve and enjoy British Motorcycles. 

Club activities include organized rides, shows, camp outs as well as monthly and weekly meetings.

The emphasis is on social and technical activities. Members also receive Good Vibrations, our informative and entertaining newsletter.

Our members are located in nearly all regions of BC; in fact there are active groups on Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan.

Although many of our members, male and female, young and old are avid British bike riders, membership is open to anyone with an interest in British bikes, old and new.

Ownership of a British Bike is not a prerequisite for membership: the club is comprised of members, not bikes!


$15.00 each, plus $5 postage (for up to two) Contact Treasurer for your order. Also available at meetings.

EXEC FOR 2023/2024

Nigel Spaxman – president

Erin Reddy – vp

Erin Reddy – secretary

Elizabeth Trevisan – Treasurer

Review Committee: Todd Copan, Allyson MacDonald, Mya Davidson, Jim Underhill, Derek Dorrenstyn, Lionel King, Shad Livesley, Rick Freestone

Welcome our new GV Editor – Shona